Guess where?

location to be revealed soon….



part of the Brunswick Heads Fairy Trail


Love Seat- Fresh Cafe, Byron Bay


Brunswick Heads- Fingal street-opposite Post Office


Apartment above, Fantastic Mr Fox, Brunswick Heads


Federal Village from the Air

Mullum Industrial Estate

Mullum Industrial Estate

Cafe Byron- alongside Railway Park- Byron Bay

Cafe Byron- alongside Railway Park- Byron Bay


Footbridge Cafe, Brunswick Heads

BRSCC kick wall

BRSCC kick wall

guess where 2

Corner of the alley, leading to Rock and Roll Cafe, Mullum


Side wall, Ocean Shores Shopping Centre

path to tallows

path to Tallows beach- Awakwal National Park

IMG_2742 (1)

Railway park Toilets, Byron Bay


Mullumbimby Community Garden- children’s garden

13 Responses to Guess where?

  1. Graeme says:

    Rock and Roll cafe, Mullum

  2. Jane W says:

    Arakwal NP at Tallows.

  3. Tony Gilding says:

    I reckon your where is the shire image was shot at

    corner Kings Road and Federal road

    GPS Coords

    Using an iphone 4S

    at altitude of 1123 meters

    on 9 December 2013

    Just a wild guess

    • siricho says:

      close Tony, but not Kings road- Federal though. Oh, and yes-it was a 4-S….hang on, now I’m figuring out very slowly that you, as a tech head, have cracked my code!!! LOL_and I thought it 1200 metres.

  4. Tony Gilding says:

    Sad to say it wasn’t magic……Click on picture
    Save to your desktop
    Then right click on file
    Then click on properties
    Then click on Details… all is revealed…it also tells us what you had for breakfast
    Next time you can do same as above then “remove properties and personal information” so nerds like me can’t cheat.

  5. Above ‘Fantastic Mr Fox’ in Brunswick?

  6. Verity Bee says:

    Fabulous Mrs Fox in Brunswick Heads?

  7. Liane Simons says:

    Balcony across the road from Yami’s/ Bruns COmmunity centre, Brunswick Heads – I think Jenni nailed it already

  8. Ana says:

    Top of “fantastic mr. Fox” shop in bruns ? 🙂

  9. phoebe havyatt says:

    bay lane, next to Fresh

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