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When it comes to using the Rail Corridor, Byron Shire has two choices:

Rail Trail

Removing the tracks and replacing them with a bike path

  • Will allow fit locals to ride from one town to another- perhaps around 10% may do so regularly
  • Will allow tourists to ride across the shire- estimates are around 10% more tourists would use it
  • Will allow for travel in beautiful weather across our beautiful Shire- taking away nighttime, rain periods, summer humid heat etc, and quiet tourist times, perhaps 10% of the year.
  • Will encourage some tourism operations to try and capitalise on this niche tourism sector
  • Will create some jobs
  • After initial Government funding, looks to fund the maintenance through volunteers, with sporting clubs and businesses paying costs.
  • Uses the corridor with one service

The Byron Way- Track and Trail

Complimenting the rail trail by putting the bike path alongside the tracks and using the tracks for enhanced visitor experience whilst providing subsidised local use.


  • Will allow all locals, regardless of age or fitness level, to travel from town to town
  • Will allow all tourists, regardless of age or fitness level, to travel across the shire- sightseeing and shopping without their cars.
  • Will allow for travel in all weather across our beautiful Shire, day or night.
  • Will create more tourism operations capitalising on these tourism services
  • Will allow for transporting patrons to events, festivals and markets
  • Will take cars off the road and ease traffic in Byron, Bangalow and Mullum
  • Will be fully funded and maintained by the operators who use the tracks for their tourism and local services
  • Will lead to many jobs and allow for wider employment opportunities as more mobility helps locals to get to work within the shire, greatly assisting our youth or economically disadvantaged to become more independent.
  • Uses the corridor with possibly more many services

Sitting in the middle of the 130 km Northern Rivers Rail Trail, with 1.5 million tourists a year, including hundreds of thousands attending events and festivals, Byron Shire locals could hitch a subsidised ride on track based shuttles and get the public transport we deserve.

A bike path through Byron Shire is a 10% plan. Used by 10% of visitors, 10% of locals, 10% of the time. It is an Better than nothing, but Byron Shire can do better

For approx. 30 kms, from Bangalow to Mullum and Yelgun, between the Hinterland Way and Tweed Valley Way lays

The Byron Way- Rail+Trail

Support Plan A: The Byron Way- Track and Trail and join us to request the State Government to release some advanced funding allocated for the rail trail to design a route for the rail trail to sit alongside the tracks.

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  1. Jane Conway says:

    I like this idea. How do I get involved?

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