The Byron We Are Creating

My Vision Of The Byron We Are Creating

Byron will be a place where our natural environment continues to flourish and our shire is self-sustaining with global leading waste and water management and with our houses and businesses, towns and villages powered by cooperatively run renewable energy sources.

It will be a place where people are the focus within towns and villages; where we can meet in informal and creative public spaces, surrounded by art and playful areas. A Shire where our development is well planned and well managed. Growth utilises the rail corridor, world’s best design and appropriate focus on maintaining our assets.

It will be a place where the community continues to be active and brash, have integrity, vibrancy and a progressive commitment to caring for each other, our local environment and the planet.  It is an inclusive and innovative community, inspired by group of leaders who are actively producing great initiatives and promoting our community with positive influence. It will be a community that is never afraid to say no to development that takes from us and always has the courage to yes to development that adds to us.

It will be a place we are open to sharing our place with the world; where tourism adds to who we are, sitting beside globally significant creative, research, agricultural, innovation and education industries. A place where are our kids can stay and have meaningful and substantial careers or leave and share their expertise gained here with the world.

It will be a place where the Council sets the example for all organisations and businesses, having, at its heart, a 4P bottom line: People, Planet, Purpose and then Profit.

It will be a place where we move sustainability, utilising the rail corridor for park and ride and public transport uses and to connect our towns and villages.

It will achieve all this due to financial sustainability, and a commitment to world’s best practice, risk taking, innovation, creativity.

This vision of what we are creating in Byron is underpinned by a spirit filled with wonder, humility and respect for each other, our place and our world.

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