The Past

Location and date of image below to be released shortly



The Road to Wategoes



Broken Head


Wilsons River

Bangalow Weir

Bangalow Weir


Cnr Burringbar and Stuart St Mullumbimby

Jonson St Byron bay- now Fresh cafe.

Jonson St Byron Bay early 1980’s- now Fresh cafe.

Ewingsdale Hall

Ewingsdale Hall

Byron Bay train station-1900’s

mullum mill- 1903 RY_01_LNS200513history_fct1025x631x222_t460

Mullumbimby sawmill, station st

Bangalow Showground, 1930

Bangalow Showground, 1930


Byron Bay, early 1970’s


Car Ferry, Brunswick Heads

Byron Bay Train Station

Byron Bay Train Station


The Crystal Castle


The Roundhouse, Ocean Shores

37 Responses to The Past

  1. Crystal castle – 1978? Alice Cadwell – GM Spaghetti Circus

  2. Angie says:

    crystal castle 1986

  3. Its Main street byron, looking south to the great northern hotel, I reckon about 1979?

  4. Don Osborne says:

    Hi Simon,
    The latest pic is of Jonson St looking from the lane next to the National bank towards the Great Northern Hotel. Taken about 1920 (at a guess0
    have a great Christmas,
    Don Osborne

  5. Tracey says:

    Bangalow Showground 1930?

  6. Don Osborne says:

    Happy New Year Simon,
    The latest pic looks to be of Bangalow with the lower end of Byron St in the background and what is the Moller Pavillion at the lower left side next to the showground ring.
    By the lack of trees, I would have to guess at early 1900’s, say circa 1920.

  7. Don Osborne says:

    The latest pic at top of the page is of the milk bar in Jonson Street where the “Fresh Cafe” is now. You can just see the sign of the old pub at left of pic

  8. That’s my teenage life in there!
    The Rib Cage and Ice Cream & Pini-Parlour (ie pinball) once sat where Fresh Cafe now sits on the corner of Jonson St & Bay Lane, right behind the Top Pub. Photo is definitely taken early 1980s, my guess is 1982 or ’83. A lifetime of lazy beach days ago…anyone else play the machines there? Lots of pinball and even Space Invaders!

  9. roxy says:

    That looks like the building which is now santos in Mullumbimby.
    Crn of Burringbar st & stuart st Mullumbimby.
    Looking at it heading from the post office toward the station.
    I guess around early 1900’s.

  10. Don Osborne says:

    The top pic is of the corner of Burringbar and Stewart Streets, Mullumbimby, The corner building was formerly the Bank of NSW later Westpac now Santos and the building next to it is the Olde Bakery which I had the honour of providing heritage conservation planning.

  11. That looks like the old Bangalow pool to me!

  12. jennicargill says:

    Brusn River, Mullum-um 1910?

  13. Pat says:

    Great photo Simon, I won’t say where it is, because like Tony in the “where is it” section, I cheated and looked at the file name. Even easier to fix this one – just change the photo file name before you post it. Picky lot aren’t we? Sorry.
    And do keep the photos coming, they’re great.

  14. jennicargill says:

    Hey Simon, The image not appearing above yet- but I think the camping image is of the Pass in the 40’s when some military training occurred briefly in the Bay and/or a bit of R&R…?

  15. The Pass during WW2 when some military training occurred.

  16. Pat says:

    Or perhaps it’s Broken Head?
    Still no pic appearing on this page though.

  17. Michelle says:

    Broken Head beach – 1942-44? The men look to be in khaki army shorts and shirts. The tent is military style. However, is there a lifesaving reel in the picture?

  18. Christine Guinand says:

    Looks like Wategos to me.

  19. Don Osborne says:

    The Latest pic looks as if it could be Timperley’s corner or Byron St, Bangalow just at thew start of what is now the primary school.

    • Pat says:

      Doesn’t look like Timperley’s to me – the hills at the back don’t seem right. There used to be a service station roughly opposite Woolworths, but I don’t recognise the name, so maybe Bangalow could be the answer.

  20. Patsy says:

    Bangalow Road coming down towards Byron. About 1960.

  21. Tara says:

    Latest colour pic is the Beach Hotel. Some time in the 80’s, definitely before 1991 before it was rebuilt.

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