Making a submission on Development Applications

1. Go to:

2. click on Making a Submission on a Development Application 155.03 KB

3. click on, on the Development Factsheet (there is plenty of other useful info on making submission on this fact sheet also.)

4. Write your comments, be sure to include the DA number at the top.

Please note: you don’t have to write a thesis and be an expert to put in a submission. If you don’t like it you can simply write that you think it is inappropriate, out of keeping with the streetscape and community etc, or if you do like it, simple reasons the opposite to those examples just given. The important thing is for councillors to gauge the degree of support and opposition etc. Some knowledgable groups will put in detailed submissions that will require staff responses.

3 Responses to Making a submission on Development Applications

  1. maggi moss Luke says:

    This design is so bad so un Byron it should not even be considered.

  2. Valentina says:

    I cannot believe something like this is even considered by council! Sure it’s been a quite empty and possibly unsuccessful plaza for businesses, but surely there must be better ideas than having underground car parks, air conditioned building with the worse look they could pick for our lovely beach town and who knows what franchising shops in there!
    May be the fact that shops don’t do very well in that area means that we don’t need any more shops in Byron!
    I think that probably most people, like me, are happy to drive to Tweed Heads or the Gold coast a few times a year when they need that type of shopping. We don’t need to have it this close, which is why we chose to live here and not in Tweed!
    May be it could be transformed into a cool restaurant area, planting trees, with tables outside under pergolas or decks. Not shopping centre style fast food type restaurants. A busking area outside… table, plants, covered decks… something to go with the feel of Byron that we all remember and miss!

  3. donatella says:

    totally agree with valentina above

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