News coverage of Byron’s night challenges

Channel Ten cover how Byron is responding to alcohol fuelled violence. Part 2 tomorrow.

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1 Response to News coverage of Byron’s night challenges

  1. Lisa Apostolides says:

    That’s great Simon. It is extremely important to start and continue positive media coverage/attention on our wonderful town to let those who have mistreated it in the past know that they will no longer be tolerated. If we could get some main stream attention for some more positive events between now and November ( schoolies) and December period we will be doing well. I hope that: illegal camping /parking fines can go up alot to make sure that people are using the great accommodation places we have; the police are out in extra force with on the spot fines for any abuse and antisocial behavior; rangers and police can help scan/fine those using the beach for partying/toilet facility and other things!! and that there are skip bins provided to deal with extra quantities of rubbish.
    This is a start. well done

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