voluntary contribution initiative

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2 Responses to voluntary contribution initiative

  1. sue taylor says:

    I believe the contribution is a wonderful idea – and far from being frowned on – I believe most long term or regular visitors to the area would love to be a part of protecting Byron’s beauty – as well as being able to contribute to enhancing the infrastructure needed to maintain the town and beaches… which is what they come to enjoy! It enables them to be “part” of the community in a way – Not ‘intruders’, ‘outsiders’ or indeed ‘parasites’ — but an important part of what makes Byron special.

    I think – for this to work – it needs to be promoted as a way to “include” visitors in “our vision” – and for them to understand ‘we all contribute’ in our own way… and their contribution is highly valued. It allows them to be ‘stakeholders’ in a way – of the collective vision. No longer are they a burden to ratepayers – but welcomed guests.

    I suggest a laminated ‘card’ with a blurb (w/ a brief explanation, & the sentiment mentioned above) – and a ‘sliding scale’ chart of donation suggestions – depending on the accommodation, or business collecting….I have been in many donation situations – and the ‘host’ always suggests what donation would be appropriate, expected, or appreciated… This makes it less embarrassing & also allows it some ‘official’ standardised practice…. taking the weight off the proprietor.

    NO apologies required. This is a privilege for visitors…it alows them to become part of the comunity and part of the solution, not part of the problem… and therefore more valued and welcomed by local residents and Council.

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